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Five Ways to Solve the 4G/LTE iPad Data Consumption Dilemma

The new 4G/LTE iPad has only been on the street for a week, and already there are complaints and horror stories of voraciously burning through data plan bandwidth caps. People who are used to 3G speeds are shocked when the 4G/LTE iPad eats the data allotment in a fraction of the time.

Over the course of the week, I have only used up about 200MB of my 2GB bandwidth allotment. But, most of the time my iPad is connected to my Wi-Fi network, and I’m not downloading Infinity Blade II or watching Netflix movies over my 4G connection. If I were to travel with my iPad, though, and have to rely on the 4G data plan, I’d expect it to be able to use my iPad just as I always do without having to micromanage how many kilobytes of data I’m using.

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