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Survey reveals generation gap in attitudes about security and privacy

Security and privacy are important concerns for anyone, especially in the wake of revelations about NSA intelligence activities and massive data breaches like the one at Target. A new study from Fortinet, however, indicates that security and privacy behavior differs significantly by generation.

Fortinet surveyed 150 Gen-X users and 150 Millenials with an even split between male and female respondents. The sample size may be a bit small to be scientifically conclusive, but the results are interesting nevertheless.

When it comes to password practices, the majority change their passwords periodically, even if it’s only once a year. More than 40 percent of both Gen-X and Millenial respondents indicated that they never change their passwords, or only change their passwords when forced to. The good news is that only seven percent of those surveyed report using the same password everywhere. Four out of 10 respondents claim to use a unique password for each site and service.

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