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Why you should care about cyber espionage

Malware attacks have taken on new meaning over the last few years. Businesses and consumers are more or less used to the day-in and day-out of Trojans, phishing scams and such, but a new breed of much more complex and sophisticated threats has changed the game.

The Stuxnet and Duqu worms, as well as Flame, Gauss and Red October malware all appear to have been developed by nation states or well-organized terrorist groups. Each has had specific goals and precise targets. Unless you’re specifically in the crosshairs of one of these cyber espionage attacks, you have nothing to worry about, right? Not exactly.

Cyber espionage can have an impact
beyond its intended target.

There are three ways anyone will feel the consequences of cyber espionage or cyber warfare threats, even if they’re not the intended target.

1. Critical infrastructure

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