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Windows 8: You Can Handle The Learning Curve

The New York Times weighed in this week on Windows 8. The verdict: anyone not as smart as David Pogue will be flummoxed by its “insanely confusing split personality,” and should stick with something simpler, like maybe an abacus.

The Times’ critic isn’t the only one to accuse the general public of having the acuity of a houseplant. Numerous others have condemned Windows 8 because they believe average users just won’t get the hang of it.

Detractors say Windows 8′s supposed inscrutability makes it especially bad for the enterprise. White-collar workers, most of whom managed to get through four years of college or more, will be dumbfounded by the fact that it takes an extra click to get past Metro UI to the Windows desktop. The help-desk lines will melt amid the ensuing panic, the thinking goes.

Here’s the truth. Windows 8 just isn’t that hard to use.
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