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Windows Phone Update 3: Five things that make it better for business

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of the Windows Phone mobile operating system this week—blandly named “Update 3.” The new version of Microsoft’s smartphone platform contains a variety of updates and new features—many of which will make Windows Phone smartphones better for business users.

This isn’t a comparison against rival platforms. The barometer for “better” in this case is simply how it compares to the current or prior versions of the Windows Phone OS, and the value the new capabilities have from a business user perspective, not whether or not it’s “better” than Android or iOS. That said, for businesses or individuals weighing a decision for a new smartphone, these features could potentially sway you to choose Windows Phone.

Update 3 is another step in the evolution of Windows Phone as a business tool.

Driving mode

You can enable driving mode to block incoming calls or text messages while you’re behind the wheel. Driving mode will respond on your behalf to let the other party know that you’re busy driving, and deliver your missed calls and text messages once you turn driving mode off. This may seem counter-productive, but you should be focused on driving safely, not on business calls and certainly not texting anyone. It can wait.

Storage management

As a rule, smartphones don’t have a ton of storage capacity. Most have a mere 16GB or 32GB—some have an option to expand capacity via a microSD memory card. No matter how much storage your smartphone has, it never really seems to be enough.

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