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Import WyseTerm Host List from one user to another in Windows

Back from the holidays only to find my Windows Profile gone missing at work. One of the annoying things was to add all my remote hosts back onto WyseTerm. While the bad news is that there is no single file (which one would expect) that maintains this list, the good news comes in the form of Windows Registry. Yes, the WyseTerm host information is stored in Windows Registry and can be exported from the registry on to a new profile or other users profile.

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High CPU usage when SNMP is enabled in Cisco Routers

Cisco Routers and Switches with L3 routing functions are seen to have problems with High CPU usage when SNMP is enabled. This can range anything from 15% to 40%. According to Cisco, these are low priority processes and other priority processes requiring CPU cycles are given priority over these processes and this level of CPU utilisation can be is normal. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry and get the CPU utilisation caused by SNMP to bare minimum so as to ensure the Routers function smoothly.

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How to create VLAN Interfaces for InterVLAN Routing in Cisco IOS

VLAN Interfaces are required in network scenarios where you have different VLANs and need Inter-VLAN switching on Layer3 (Routing capable) switches. Every VLAN that needs to be routed should have a VLAN interface.

Let’s say we have VLAN 10 which hosts the subnet subnet, VLAN hosts subnet and VLAN 30 hosts subnet. For Inter-VLAN routing to work, we need to have a VLAN interface setup for each of these VLANs and configured with an IP address from the same subnet which will be the default Gateway for that subnet. Lets say,, are the IP addresses for VLAN Interfaces of VLAn 10,20,30 respectively.

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Unable to delete Stale/Obsolete statc routes in Cisco IOS

Today, I had to troubleshoot a very peculiar problem on my Cisco Catalyst 3750 switches in two different sites. To cut a long story short, both the sites originally had IPSec VPNs over ADSL internet andtherefore static routes added to pass through their VPN firewalls. However, with a recent WAN migration with leased lines, all traffic moved to the WAN routers.

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FileZilla FTP Client configuration through BlueCoat proxy

If you are attached to a corporate or an enterprise network and connect to internet from behind a BlueCoat proxy which proxies FTP connections then FileZilla FTP client needs needs to be configured accordingly to get it work properly. There is an FTP proxy configuration and a Generic Proxy configuration that can be set in FileZilla client.

Using a Generic Proxy forces it to use Passive Mode connections.However, if you need to use Active mode FTP connections then FTP Proxy should be configured.

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How to change the HOST key in Oracle Virtualbox Manager

Oracle Virtualbox by default has Right CTRL key assigned as the HOST key. HOST key is a special key on your keyboard which Virtualbox reservers to return ownership of keyboard and mouse to your host operating system. This however can be changed to the one you prefer. Say for instance, if you want to change it to Left ALT (same as VMWare).

To change the HOST Key,

  1. Launch Oracle Virtual\box Manager.

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How to enable/disable Right-click paste in PuTTY

In PuTTY, right-click on the mouse is configured to automatically pastes the contents from the clip-board. While this is a great convenience, it is equally dangerous when you are logged onto live production systems. Have you pasted “reboot” and pressed enter without realizing what you’ve done??

The following procedure will help you change this default behaviour to prompt to paste than pasting automatically when you right-click.

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How to block select in PuTTY

In PuTTY, left-click and drag normally selects and copies the entire line content. However, you can change this behaviour to block select like in a MS DOS window.

To make a block select in PuTTY, click and hold “ALT” and then left-click and drag on your mouse. This will make block selection.


If you want to make this the default behaviour,

      1. Load a saved session or load “Default Settings”.

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Python: Remove last ‘n’ characters of a string

To remove the last ‘n’ characters of a string




For example, to remove the last character (n=1)

[sai@c7test ~]$   python
Python 2.7.5 (default, Nov 20 2015, 02:00:19)
[GCC 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-4)] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> 'python'[:-1]
>>> tmpVar = 'Python'
>>> tmpVar[:-1]


The post Python: Remove last ‘n’ characters of a string first appeared on

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MySQL: how to delete all records from a table

There can be many reasons to delete all records in a MySQL Database table and there are two ways you can acheive this using the “truncate” command or by using the “delete” command. While the ultimate net result is the same, there are differences you should know.

Key differences are

1. “truncate” uses DDL and is fast while “delete” doesn’t and hence slower (depending on the number of records).
2. “truncate” resets the auto increment counter while “delete” doesn’t.

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