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POODLE’s bark is bigger than its bite

Google researchers revealed a major flaw in the SSL encryption protocol—SSLv3 to be precise—which has been affectionately named “POODLE.” The vulnerability is more serious than the silly name might suggest, and the news has garnered a lot of attention because of the potentially broad implications. But security experts assure us the sky is not falling.

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3 simple ways two-factor authentication can protect you when no one else will

It seems like consumer data is compromised in some massive data breach every other week. You should expect the companies you do business with to do everything possible to prevent data breaches and protect your data, but it’s unreasonable to believe it will never happen. It’s up to you to take additional steps to protect your own data, and minimize the potential fallout from a breach as much as you can. One of the best ways to do that is with two-factor authentication.

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Spot phishing scams and don’t take the bait

Can you recognize a phishing scam email when you see one? Do you know what signs to look for to identify a phishing attack, and avoid becoming a victim? In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, PhishMe has developed an infographic with helpful tips to keep you safe and secure.

PhishMe points out the usual, common-sense things you should do to avoid getting compromised—by either phishing scams or malware exploits. Don’t open unknown file attachments or click on links in suspicious emails, and don’t enter your credentials on login pages linked from email messages.

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Report: Huge spike in mobile malware targets Android, especially mobile payments

Two very predictable traits drive cybercriminals: First, they tend to focus on targets with the highest odds of success. Second, they prefer attacks that generate profit. A new joint report from Kaspersky Lab and INTERPOL underscores how these two factors contribute to concerning trends in mobile threats. 

The Mobile Cyber Threats report analyzes mobile malware data collected from Kaspersky’s cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) during the period of August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2014, for over 5 million Android smartphones and tablets protected by Kaspersky security products.

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Survey: BYOD security remains spotty, with users unaware or unmotivated about risks

Many organizations have embraced the concept of BYOD (bring your own device), allowing employees to use their own personal smartphones and tablets at work. A new survey from BitDefender, however, suggests that BYOD policies and controls have a long way to go in order to be more secure.

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Survey finds generation gaps in adoption of new tech

Wearable tech and Internet-of-Things (IoT) gadgets are all the rage. A new survey from Acquity Group, though, illustrates how different generations are embracing these new developments.

The study defined three age groups: Millennials (ages 18-25), Generation X (ages 26-35), and Baby Boomers (over age 45). (I guess that group between age 36 and 45 just isn’t very interesting). Overall, Acquity Group found that younger consumers are most likely to adopt connected technologies in the long run, but older consumers are more likely to own certain products already.

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Prevent identity theft with this interactive site

Preventing identity theft starts with you—making sure you’re aware of the threats out there, and how to avoid them.

Choice Loans, a financial lending service based in the UK, has put together a site that can help. It’s an interactive guide to various types of identity fraud, complete with 16 things you can do to detect or respond to them.

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Apple Pay could put an end to data breaches

The retail data-breach epidemic highlighted by Target now has other famous victims, including UPS, Home Depot, and Dairy Queen. If you’ve used a credit card sometime in the past year or two, there’s a very good chance your information has been compromised or exposed by at least one of these data breaches. If you use Apple’s new Apple Pay system, though, such worries just might be behind you.

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The new, more productive iOS 8: Spotlight and Notification upgrades make it well worth downloading

Yesterday Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6 smartphones and the upcoming Apple Watch. The new iPhones will be available soon, but even before they hit the street, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 8, will roll out. 

Of the many new and updated features in iOS 8, two in particular will help people be more efficient: the new Spotlight search, and Notification Center. Both help you find what you need to find, and do what you need to more simply, and with fewer swipes and taps.

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Internet Explorer steals the Patch Tuesday spotlight again

It’s hard to imagine that we are already three-fourths of the way through 2014—at least as measured by Microsoft Patch Tuesdays. Today, Microsoft released four new security bulletins, but only one of them is Critical. Guess which one?

Yes. Internet Explorer. Once again Microsoft’s web browser takes center stage as the most crucial of the Patch Tuesday security bulletins. Microsoft resolved a grand total of 42 separate vulnerabilities this month, but 37 of those 42 are addressed in MS14-052—the cumulative update for Internet Explorer. One of the flaws fixed by MS14-052 is publicly known and actively under attack in the wild, which is why this security bulletin is Critical.

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