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Import WyseTerm Host List from one user to another in Windows

Back from the holidays only to find my Windows Profile gone missing at work. One of the annoying things was to add all my remote hosts back onto WyseTerm. While the bad news is that there is no single file (which one would expect) that maintains this list, the good news comes in the form of Windows Registry. Yes, the WyseTerm host information is stored in Windows Registry and can be exported from the registry on to a new profile or other users profile.

The WyseTerm Host information, also known as the Common Address Book can be exported from the Windows Registry and then imported onto the new users profile as follows:

1. Click Start – Run – type "regedit" and press enter to open Windows Registry.

2. Navigate to


where [version] is the version of your Hummingbird software.

3. Click File and select EXPORT to export the "Common Address Book". Enter a file name to save the reg file.

4. Now, login as the new user and run this reg file. This should import the WyseTerm host list onto the users WyseTerm.

 This should help!!!

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