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Create Engaging Tutorials in a Snap with Snapguide

Part of running a business smoothly is to have simple processes that users can easily learn and repeat. Whether it’s a process for filing an expense report, or logging a customer complaint, or writing a blog post, there are processes in every business that need to be shared with others so everyone is on the same page and handles tasks consistently. Snapguide makes it easy to create engaging step-by-step tutorials.

The problem in many cases is effectively conveying the information and teaching users how to properly follow the processes. The United States Air Force has a documented procedure called a Technical Order (TO) for just about everything from tying your shoes, to launching a missile–I managed the TOs for awhile in my shop when I was stationed in New Mexico. The thing is, although everything is documented in detail, it is often too much detail, and it’s presented in a boring manner.

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