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Iomega launches new flagship network storage array

One of the challenges facing businesses of all sizes today is how to corral the terabytes upon terabytes of data that is generated and archived every day. Iomega—a respected name in data storage—has a new tool that just might help meet that challenge, though. The new StorCenter px12-450r Network Storage Array.

The name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but the hardware specs and capabilities of the device seem impressive. The StorCenter px12-450r houses 12 drive bays in a 2U network appliance. The drive bays can be filled with SSD or traditional hard drives—including new 4TB drives. With 12 4TB drives in place, the StorCenter px12-450r can store a massive 48TB of data.

The Iomega StorCenter px12-450r can store up to 48TB of data.

The device runs on Intel Xeon E3-1200 v2 processors. These cutting edge processors provide the power the device needs to churn through the terabytes of data, while also reducing overall power consumption and heat generation. That makes it more cost effective overall.

Iomega has bundled tools with the appliance to help manage and protect the data. The device is powered by EMC Lifeline—software that enables you to monitor and maintain your data, and provides tools to access the data from the cloud as well. The StorCenter px12-450r also comes with McAfee VirusScan Enterprise to ensure your data isn’t tainted with malware.

The storage array has two available PCIe slots that allow you to expand its capabilities. For example, when 10Gb Ethernet becomes widely available you can add new I/O capabilities via PCIe to take advantage of it.

The new Iomega® StorCenter px12-450r Network Storage Array is now available for ordering immediately. The product is available in a range of configurations, from a diskless HDD model (international markets only) up to a 48TB configuration with a full complement of 4TB disk drives. Pricing in the U.S. starts at $ 6,999.99 for the entry level 4TB model.

Compared with off-the-shelf USB storage options, a device that starts at $ 7,000 may seem exorbitant. And, for many small businesses it probably is. But, any business capable of generating 10TB, 20TB, or 48TB of data needs an effective and efficient means of storing and accessing it. Those businesses should probably take a closer look at what the Iomega StorCenter px12-450r has to offer.


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